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Breathing Air

Airgas On-Site Safety Services views the quality of our breathing air as one of the most important standards to ensure worker safety. Our breathing air not only meets Grade D standards but goes beyond that meeting the NFPA guideline recommendation for grade L standards. Our breathing air manufacturing process has over 40 steps and checks to ensure the quality of air. We also verify the breathing air quality before use by a third-party lab for independent analysis and provide a certificate of analysis with every cylinder.

A Multitude of Breathing Air Options

Airgas offers numerous breathing air options to meet the specific needs of each turnaround and outage. In order to ensure enough air is provided to meet the needs, we work with our customers to understand the scope of work, the locations being worked in, the jobsite and the number of workers on breathing air and for how long. With this information we can recommend the best system for your event. Our breathing air options include 2-bottle carts, 6- and 12-pack cradles, 32-cylinder high-pressure trailers, mini and jumbo high pressure tube trailers, and air compressor-fed high volume/low pressure systems (the AIR BOSS®)

Plant-Wide Breathing Air Systems:

  • High-Pressure Distribution System (HPDS) runs high-pressure lines throughout your plant to entry points.

  • AIR BOSS provides a high-volume, low-pressure air source via manifolds for up to 100 workers at a time. Backed by our high-volume breathing air compressor and filter system, AIR BOSS is a cost-effective alternative where extended air volume and capacity are required.


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